Saturday, June 25 2011
RC4 build 3 Released
Added support for 888 Poker
Added support for iPoker skins: Gutshot Poker, Pokerplex24
Added support for PartyPoker skin: WPT Poker
Added support for Microgaming skins: Stan James, Betway

Fixed support for Ongame Network
Fixed support for
Fixed support for Pokerstars' new notes file format
Fixed support for iPoker skin: Noble Poker

Improved Merge support: TableScan will detect waitlisted tables, and you can leave waitlists using TableScan

Significantly improved multi-open functionality for all sites. Opening a large number of tables at once should be very reliable on every site.

New Feature: Mousing over the "Unseated" highlight will now show a tooltip that tells you when you were last seated, and how many chips you last had
New Feature: Minimum # of BB required to show "Unseated" highlight

TableScan will now check for and remove the popup from PartyPoker: "Due to extended period of inactivity..."
Increased the amount of time TableScan will wait before showing a duplicate table on PokerStars
Added Player Alias support for iPoker and Bodog, removed Player Alias support for Ongame

Fixed a bug where Tablescan could try to click the waitlist button on PartyPoker when it was not visible, which would cause an annoying popup from PartyPoker
Fixed a bug where Tablescan could possibly detect the wrong window when scanning causing a "lobby not found" error
Fixed a bug where TableScan could send an enter keystroke to the wrong window when handling the join waitlist popup on Full Tilt Poker
Fixed a bug where Tablescan could throw an exception when editing a screenname
Fixed a bug when using the AutoWaitlist feature "allow tablescan to join waitlists for tables I have open if I am not seated" that could cause TableScan to try and open the table again
Fixed a bug on Merge where TableScan's HUD could show "Unknown table" on a known table
Fixed a bug on Everest Poker where TableScan could miscalculate BB in stack sizes if a comma is used as a number delimiter in your windows settings
Fixed a bug where TableScan would not identify a table as being open on PokerStars if the table had a hyphen in it's name
Fixed a bug where TableScan would not identify some tables on iPoker as being open
Fixed a bug where list filters would not filter stakes correctly if a comma was used in the stake on the pokersite instead of a period

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