Friday, March 04 2011
RC4 Released
Fixed support for Full Tilt Poker's latest update
Fixed support for Cereus Network's latest update
Fixed support for Bodog Poker's latest update
Fixed support for PokerStars new CAP and deep table names

Added support for Ongame Skins: HeyPoker, EuroPoker, EuroSuperPoker, Whitebet
Added support for Microgaming Skins: JBET, Mansion88, Balkanbet, iGaming

Added support for PT3 Omaha Databases

New Player filter option: "Filter by Player Type" > "Players must also meet statistic conditions". This can be used to ensure that your filtered players must meet both your "Filter by Statistic" conditions and your "Filter by Player Type" requirements

New feature: Close Table - if enabled at Configure > Advanced Settings > Shortcuts, you can right click on tables you have open from within TableScan and choose "Close Tables"
New feature: At Configure > Advanced Settings > Shortcuts, you can now choose to disable any right click menu item for table operations

New AutoWaitlist option: "Don't allow AutoWaitlist to join or leave waitlists that I have manually joined or left within X minutes"
New AutoWaitlist option: "Use my active List filters for autowaitlisting instead of my AutoWaitlist filters"

The "copy screenname" function can now be used when selecting multiple players
TableScan will no longer move the PokerStars Lobby at the beginning of a scan. Also lowered the minimum lobby width required for PokerStars

Fixed a bug where PartyPoker's memory usage would grow while scanning with TableScan, eventually causing strange behaviors or crashes in PartyPoker
Fixed an issue where TableScan could join a PartyPoker Waitlist when the "Seat available" popup was already open for that table, causing PartyPoker to kick you off the waitlist
Fixed a bug in Player Filtering where the Minimum # of Hands and # of Big Blinds was ignored when filtering by player type
Fixed a bug where AutoWaitlist would join a waitlist based on players marked as regulars or blocked, when the exclude Regular and Blocked players options were checked in Configure > Buddy List
Fixed a bug where TableScan's memory usage could grow when scanning Ongame
Fixed a bug which was introduced in RC3 where TableScan could show incorrect VPIP/PFR when using both HM and PT3 databases at the same time
Fixed a bug where a PokerStars bug which can show limit tables with 11 players would cause TableScan to not finish scanning
Fixed a bug where TableScan could show wrong player names when scanning tables with open seats on Ongame skin Betfair

One nice thing I want to point out is that in Full Tilt's latest update, it seems as if they've fixed the memory leak that they've had for quite some time, meaning that it doesn't seem to get laggy or crash after many hours of use. If you were having that problem, let me know if it's still happening.

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