Sunday, September 19 2010
RC1 build 1 Released
Added support for Poker sites: Ongame network, Microgaming network, and Bodog poker

New Feature: PermaScan - This replaces the "AutoScan" feature in TableScan, and when enabled, TableScan will not clear the Tables list or Players list at the beginning of each scan. Instead it will update the list in place, so you always have the full list of tables and players at all times! This is probably the coolest new feature so I have turned it on by default for everyone, if you don't want to use it you can turn it off at Configure > PermaScan.

New Feature: AutoWaitlist - This feature will automatically place you on waitlists that meet your selected filters! Available at Configure > AutoWaitlist

New Feature: Table HUD - TableScan's Table HUD is a simple HUD which shows statistics from your table, such as # of Fish, Plr/Flp%, or Table Score. Click on the HUD to reveal a full player list popup, which you can use to add buddies and more!

New Feature: Custom Player Scores - Using this feature, you can set custom scores for individual players based on the table type and stake

New Feature: Screennames - This feature enables you to exclude your own screenname from table averages and table counts. It also enables you to use the "Seated" table highlight, which shows a triangle in the top right of the table name when you are seated, and the Unseated table highlight, a great feature for shortstackers which shows a different color triangle in the top right of the table name once you have left the table. Available at Configure > Advanced > Screennames

New Feature: Player Notes - This allows you to view your player notes from your poker site inside TableScan. I have a lot more planned improvements for this feature!

New Feature: Keyboard shortcuts - Fully customizable keyboard shortcuts, for every item in the right click menu! Available at Configure > Advanced > Shortcuts

New Feature: Customizable right click menu - allows you to choose which items are displayed in the right click menu, available at Configure > Advanced Settings > Shortcuts

New Feature: Unfiltered highlights - This feature displays a red triangle at the bottom right of the table name when an open or waitlisted table does not meet your selected filters and you have the option "Never hide my open/waitlisted tables"

New Feature: Player Aliases - If you find that TableScan has made a mistake when reading a player's name, you can use this feature to fix it.

New Feature: You can now view all of your buddies' statistics at any time in the Player Details window by selecting View > Buddies

Added Column to Tables list: Last Update - This column works together with PermaScan, at the beginning of each scan the Last Update column for each table is changed to a gray background color, so you can see if a table has been updated this scan, or if you're viewing the results from the last scan.

Added Exclusion to Advanced Scan Filter: Exclude Phrase
Added "Table Stake" to Table List Filters and Player List Filters
Added "Table Stake" to Table Scoring and Player Scoring
Added Quaternary Player List Sorting in Configure > Advanced > Sorting
Added Option "Show Player list toggle" in Configure > Advanced > Appearance
Added "Sites" tab to Advanced Settings, you can use this to hide/show sites in the "multiple sites" panel of the main program

Moved "Define" tab out of Advanced Settings and into it's own window at Configure > Player Definitions
Moved "Automation" tab out of Advanced Settings and into it's own window at Automation > AutoSelect
Moved Database filters out of Manage Databases and into it's own window at Database > Database Filters
Removed database limit

TableScan can now scan PokerStars with any language selected in the PokerStars lobby
TableScan will now try to maintain your highlighted tables and players whenever the lists are refreshed
The right click menu option "Scan Table" is no longer unavailable during a scan
The buddies/whales/regulars/blocked lists are now connected with the poker site they play on
TableScan will no longer scroll back to the top of the list on some sites after opening/joining a table during a scan

Significantly improved speed for opening tables and joining waitlist on PokerStars
Significantly improved sorting efficiency when sorting lists by "Table Name" or "Screenname"

Fixed a bug where TableScan would show double the hands when using PokerTracker 3 when the "use player cache" option was not checked
Fixed a bug where TableScan had trouble ending a scan after Cereus' recent update
Fixed a bug where TableScan would show incorrect plr/flp and h/hr values after PokerStars' latest update
Fixed a bug where the AutoSelect feature could sometimes select the wrong table name if similar table names existed
Fixed a bug where Column orders were not correctly being restored when the program was loaded
Fixed a bug where you could not change Tables Quaternary Sort Order
Fixed a bug where NaN values would not be filtered out in some cases when using Table Filters
Fixed a bug where player definition conditions were not being displayed in the advanced settings > define tab
Fixed a bug where TableScan could scan duplicate players on PokerStars when the chips column of the first player in the PokerStars player list was empty
Fixed a bug where TableScan could sometimes show player names as "??" in PokerStars

Ongame Skins currently supported: Bet24 Poker, Bestpoker, Betfair, bwin, Betsafe, Tower Gaming
Microgaming Skins currently supported: Ladbrokes, Unibet, 5050 Poker, Tell Poker, AlfaPoker

I've done my best to try and test all the new features on every site, but there's a lot of new stuff, so if you find any bugs please let me know!

I will be releasing another update this week, to add support for more skins on Ongame/Microgaming, and to fix any bugs which people find. Also, I am almost finished adding Everest, so I will get that in the next update as well. If you want your skin moved to the top of the list, send me an email or PM or post a message here. If you're using a Microgaming skin that isn't supported, contact me and I can explain how to copy a supported skin over your unsupported skin so you can get it working right now :)

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