Friday, April 16 2010
v0.48 Beta Released
Fixed support for PokerStars' latest updates
Fixed support for iPoker clients: BetMost, CDPoker, Poker770, Titan Poker, Big Slick Poker
Added support for iPoker client: Black Belt Poker
Added support for Full Tilt Poker "Rush Poker". If you open a Rush Poker lobby and hit scan, TableScan will retreive a list of all the players in the Rush Lobby
Added support for PartyPoker Skins: EmpirePoker, Gamebookers, AzartiaPoker

Added support for HoldemManager HUD Integration - When the option is Enabled, at Database > Manage Databases > Enable HM Hud Integration, TableScan will update the "Multi Tables" and "Scanner Score" statistics in your HoldemManager HUD at the end of each scan.
Redesigned Player Details Window: It now contains a full players list that you can sort in addition to the old player details functionality. More functionality is coming in the next version
Added Player Filter: "Filter by Player Type". If selected, any player types which are checked will be filtered in, and any types which are not checked will be filtered out.
Added Scan Filters: Exclude USD, Exclude EUR, Exclude GPB
Added Simple Logging: If enabled TableScan saves simple log files of every scan you do, containing the Table, Player, and overall scan data.
Added Verbose Logging: If enabled TableScan saves a verbose log file of only the last scan you did, containing information for me to try and debug any crashes. If you enable this, and your TableScan crashes, please send the verbose log of your last scan to [email protected]
Added iPoker option: "End Scan after TableScan reads X empty tables", available in Configure > Advanced > Performance
Added Active Table Automation option: "Do not select Active Table when mouse is hovering over TableScan", available at Configure > Advanced > Automation

The "Exclude Deep" scan filter can now be used to exclude "100-250 bb" tables on PokerStars
The "Exclude Shallow" scan filter can now be used to exclude "20-50 bb" tables on PokerStars
Improved the way TableScan finishes a scan, possibly fixing a rare crash bug at the end of the scan
Improved iPoker multi-select table opening, it should be much more reliable now
Improved iPoker scanning: The first scan of TableScan on iPoker is much less likely to scan incomplete tables

Fixed a bug where TableScan could stop scanning PokerStars before finished when using TableNinja with multiple tables open
Fixed a bug where opening player details window during a scan could crash TableScan
Fixed a bug where TableScan would lose your selection when the lists were refreshed
Fixed a bug where TableScan could throw an error when adding a Buddy that already exists in your buddy list
Fixed a bug where TableScan could crash when removing all fish definitions
Fixed a bug where TableScan would not sort players in your Open Tables to the top/bottom when the option to do so was checked
Fixed a bug where TableScan was rarely not able to find Full Tilt Poker running on some computers
Fixed a bug where TableScan could select the wrong Active Table on PokerStars
Fixed a bug where TableScan could try to re-scan Active Tables during a Scan

Unfortunately I was not able to finish many of the features I have been working on implementing in this version, because of the recent PokerStars and iPoker updates. The next update should be ready soon and will include:
Support for OnGame
Support for BoDog Poker
Support for Everest Poker
Support for PT3 Omaha and other PT3 fixes
A number of improvements to the new Player Details Window
Buddy Import/Export
Known Player Exclusions
Unfiltered table highlight colors
More Player Stats from the Database
and much more

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