Tuesday, April 13 2010
Issues with the latest PokerStars Update
Today PokerStars did an update which creates some small issues for TableScan Turbo. I am trying to finish as many features as I can for 0.48 and then I will release it with a fix for this in the next day or two, sorry for the delay.

In the meantime, there is a simple fix to get 0.47 working on PokerStars, which is to resize your PokerStars lobby and make it wide enough so that you can fully read all the Table Names. It may not correctly identify all of your open Tables and Highlight them yellow, but the scan will work if you resize the lobby. If you play Full Ring tables, you will also need to create a new Scan Filter in TableScan and instead of "Full Ring" choose "Any" as the "Type"

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