Wednesday, February 10 2010
v0.47 Beta Released
Added option: "Layout", this lets you change the order/arrangement of the lists in tablescan. In Advanced Settings > Appearance
Added advanced scan filter - Exclude shallow stack
Added option: "Don't scroll Tables list to Active Table". In Advanced Settings > Automation
Added support for iPoker skin: AnyCallPoker
Improved Cereus reliability for opening tables/joining waitlists

Fixed a bug where tables were being read in as waitlisted when logged in on Cereus after the latest update
Fixed support for Cereus "Pro" tables
Fixed support for low stakes Omaha tables on iPoker and Cereus
Fixed support for Full Tilt Poker "Shallow Stack" tables

Fixed a bug where players would not be counted as buddies if they had $0
Fixed a bug where "Chips" color profiles were not being counted correctly in # of Big Blinds
Fixed a bug where "Total Chips" color profiles for ring game tables were not saving correctly
Fixed a bug where TableScan could show an error after changing the names of custom definitions
Fixed a bug where TableScan was not correctly loading custom definitions when using decimal places in the conditions
Fixed a bug where Max VPIP color profile was always the same as the table's Average VPIP color
Fixed support for the CTRL + C shortcut to copy selected player name

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